That’s so China

Okay, after living in China for a few weeks, there are some things that are just so China to me. So in my head, I started saying, ‘That’s so China.’  But here’s the thing, it’s kinda like ‘forgetaboutit’ because it has different meanings depending on the context and delivery.  I will try to demonstrate.

When you almost get into an accident in a taxi but make it: That’s so China. Translation: I am happy to be alive and my friends and I will laugh about this later.

When you almost get into an accident in a taxi but make it: That’s so China. Translation: I am happy to be alive. Period.

When you get food delivered to your door on a rainy day and the guy isn’t expecting a tip: That’s so China.  Translation: Awesome.

When some random person cuts you in line: That’s so China. Translation: Aggravated.

When you have absolutely no personal space: That’s so China. Translation: Joke around with friends later, but keep an eye on your wallet.

When you see men walking around with their shirts up without the washboard abs: That’s so China. Translation: Mortified and realizing it is NEVER that hot or humid out.

When you wake up with 18 more bugs bites than the day before: That’s so China. Translation: Annoyed.

When you go to a restaurant and eat pigeon: That’s so China. Translation: Adventurous.

When you get your hair washed, conditioned, blown dry, with a massage: That’s so China.Translation: Pure bliss.

At a party tonight, ‘That’s so China’ became an acronym – TSC.  I am officially in China now baby!


  1. Nothing sounds too shocking. It sounds we used to eat pigeon when we were growing up! I’m glad that you are finding your new surroundings exciting!

  2. Is TSC like GTL?

  3. WTF + OMG = TSC

    Thanks for all of your *great* updates. Miss you MUCH.

  4. so true :OOO

  5. Love Kim’s comment. Cracked me up! I was watching, I mean, flipping through the channels and saw your girl Snooki. She misses you Claire!

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