Playing Chicken in Shekou

Cars are still relatively new in China and it’s pretty evident by the driving here.  At some points, it’s pretty intense as bikes share the road with cars and the drivers only obey the red lights – I am not kidding.  People here seem to drive like they are riding a bike: if something is in your way, you just swerve to avoid it-don’t worry about the car in the next lane.  It seems as if these drivers here really don’t believe in lanes. Now that I think about it, I kinda don’t know why they even bothered to paint the lines in the first place.   Also, I have also witnessed some drivers just stopping and reversing on an off-ramp or just stopping altogether; there are no shoulders.  One taxi driver headed the wrong way down the road to pick up a fare.  And forget about merging – drivers simply don’t let you in – it’s almost like a big, long game of chicken.  Interestingly enough though, it all seems to work out in some kind of organized chaos.  I wouldn’t want to drive here, but the drivers here seem to know what they are doing so I just cross my fingers and walk when I can!  I am attaching some photos of my drive home today.  Enjoy!

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  1. Good morning, sounds like they drive like in Tijana! Lol

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