Chasing the Sunset

Well, I am sitting right now in the Hong Kong airport waiting for a ferry to Shekou.  I haven’t been out in the city yet; I can’t wait to see it.  I think it will feel more real when I actually see everything.  Now all I see is a bunch of people in an airport lounge.  I hear Chinese everywhere.  It will be nice when that starts to sound familiar.

I have met some great people along the way.  This one student from Xian, China said to me in his broken English. “Humankind is so good, so many creations.”  I thought that was marvelous.

When the airbus touched down, everything felt so surreal.  Even the clouds were cooperating: white and grey clouds with pink tops, like cotton candy, surrounded the plane.   I really can’t wait to get out and explore (after a big, big mocha – I will find one!).

It’s Sunday here at 7:00 am so that means that it’s Saturday 4:00pm in San Diego, where I left many pieces of my heart.

Here are a couple of photos:

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  1. tree54

    Woo hoo! The adventure begins!

  2. too sweet. sd will always be your home.

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